Getting to know you… Richard Crossley profiled at Birding is Fun!

I’ve been working with Richard Crossley for over a year now on The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds, and even I learned some new things about him in this short and sweet profile at Birding is Fun!

How does Richard answer this questions: “What is your favorite bird sighting and what is the story behind it?”

I have a few. Sleeping in a barn for 3 days, waiting for a big storm to come at St Ives, Cornwall I 1983. It was worth the wait and still remains the greatest seawatch in Britain (10,000 British Storm Petrels, 100 Sabine’s Gulls, tens of 1,000s of Shearwaters, 100s of Jaegers and Skuas etc).

Finding Thailand’s first Little Stint mixed in with Red-necked Stints at long range in non-breeding plumage when they were supposedly unidentifiable (1987) is also up there as an individual bird.

Click over to learn what field guides are his favorite, what his biggest birding-related pet peeve is, and what his plans are for the future.