This Week’s Book Giveaway

To help celebrate Zombie Awareness Month, this week’s book giveaway is Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us by John Quiggin.  In the graveyard of economic ideology, dead ideas still stalk the land.Zombie Economics

The recent financial crisis laid bare many of the assumptions behind market liberalism–the theory that market-based solutions are always best, regardless of the problem. For decades, their advocates dominated mainstream economics, and their influence created a system where an unthinking faith in markets led many to view speculative investments as fundamentally safe. The crisis seemed to have killed off these ideas, but they still live on in the minds of many–members of the public, commentators, politicians, economists, and even those charged with cleaning up the mess. In Zombie Economics, John Quiggin explains how these dead ideas still walk among us–and why we must find a way to kill them once and for all if we are to avoid an even bigger financial crisis in the future.

“Erroneous economic ideas resemble the living dead, writes John Quiggin in his smart new book Zombie Economics. They are dangerous yet impossible to kill. Even after a financial crisis buries them, they survive in our minds and can rise unbidden from the necropolis of ideology.”–James Pressley, Bloomberg News

“As well as exposing how these flawed ideas brought on the global crisis and how they live on, Quiggin offers his view on a new way forward in economic theory. It’s time to bury the zombie.”–Fiona Capp, The Age

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Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us by John Quiggin.