Fred Appel on The Lives of Great Religious Books Series

Fred Appel, editor of the new religious series, The Lives of Great Religious Books, wrote a piece for The Front Table this week:

“Lives of Great Religious Books” was born in the faculty lounge of the NYU Law School in the early spring of 2005, in a conversation over tea with the eminent Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit. I had come to NYU to meet with Margalit, then a visiting scholar in the Law School, to ask him about his current research and writing, and talk more generally about trends in the humanities. This is one of the great privileges and joys of being an acquisitions editor at a distinguished scholarly publishing house: being able to engage smart and imaginative people in conversation on topics that preoccupy them. After talking about his own work – including a book he had begun that we eventually published in 2009 – the topic of conversation turned for some reason to memoirs. Margalit was of the opinion that too many were being published – or more precisely, that too few were worth reading. Then he tossed his head back and said dreamily, “you know what I’d like to read? A biography of an important book – the story of its reception across time. That’s the sort of memoir we need more of.”

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Fred Appel is Senior Editor at Princeton University Press. The Lives of Great Religious Books is being launched this spring with the release of the following three titles: Augustine’s Confessions: A Biography, by Garry Wills; The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Biography, by Donald S. Lopez, Jr.; and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Letters and Papers from Prison: A Biography, by Martin E. Marty.


  1. That would be a book to read


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