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To help celebrate this year’s National Poetry Month in the United States, The Eternal City: Poemsthis week’s book giveaway is The Eternal City:  Poems by Kathleen Graber.

A 2010 National Book Award Finalist, The Eternal City offers eloquent testimony to the struggle to make sense of the present through conversation with the past. Questioning what it means to possess and to be possessed by objects and technologies, Kathleen Graber’s collection brings together the elevated and the quotidian to make neighbors of Marcus Aurelius, Klaus Kinski, Walter Benjamin, and Johnny Depp.

Chosen by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon to relaunch the prestigious Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets under his editorship, The Eternal City revives Princeton’s tradition of publishing some of today’s best poetry.

“[N]othing short of a revelation. Graber is a new poet that we should have always had but didn’t until just now. Graber is the kind of poet who thinks out loud, though not in the tricky, needley way of John Ashbery, but like someone very smart and very well-read trying to get to the bottom of every troubling and exciting thought. She thinks about her day to day life, family and friends, their every day goings on, their deaths and big tragedies, and she thinks about big ideas–life, death, meaning–mostly in the same poem. She name-checks some of the big figures of Western thought–Marcus Aurelius and Walter Benjamin, for instance–but does so as if she were talking to or about friends. She manages to do a scholar’s work in these poems without the alienating haughtiness of many scholars. And despite their learned-ness, these are poems anyone could love. . . . If you only read one book of poetry this year, that’s not enough, but start with this one.”–Craig Teicher, Publishers Weekly

Here’s an Authors on Camera feature with Kathleen Graber reading from her book:

Can’t get enough? Then view this interview with the author at Virginia Commonwealth University and/or check out the book’s Facebook page.

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The Eternal City: Poems by Kathleen Graber.


  1. Lina jaramillo - arte country says:

    I think it is important that we have new poets to speak for the thoughts of ordinary people locked us in technology and jobs and never express our frustrations and desires…