This Week’s Book Giveaway

Our book Mammals of North America: Second Editiongiveaway of the week is Mammals of North America, Second Edition by  Roland W. Kays and Don E. Wilson.   

“This is a truly indispensable guide for the experienced mammal watcher as well as a real treat to the novice. . . . With 112 color plates covering 462 species of North American mammals, the guide is up-to-date, accurate, handsome and handy. If you only have one reference to your local furry friends, be sure this one is on your book shelf.”–Cathy Taibbi, Wildlife Conservation Examiner,

* The best-illustrated and easiest-to-use field guide to North American mammals
* Beautiful and accurate color illustrations of all 462 mammals found in the United States and Canada–including 20 species recognized since 2002
* 112 color plates–including 13 new ones
* Key identification information–fully revised–on facing pages
* The most current taxonomy/species list
* Fully revised, easy-to-read range maps
* Illustrations of tracks, scat, and whale and dolphin dive sequences
Groundhog a.k.a. woodchuck

You will find this cute little groundhog on page 53 along with a description.  He’s also known as a Woodchuck and belongs to the Marmot family.  Hopefully, Punxsutawney Phil will not see his shadow on Groundhog Day and Spring is just around the corner.

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Groundhog tracks

Mammals of North America, Second Edition by Roland W. Kays and Don E. Wilson.