Another Bird Blog weighs in on The Crossley ID Guide

Another Bird Blog reviews an early copy of The Crossley ID Guide and urges everyone to place pre-orders. Who am I to disagree?

“Folks, before I go on to look in more detail at this book, my advice is to place an order right now, because as sure as eggs is eggs, the first print of this phenomenal publication is bound to be a huge seller resulting in a shortage for birders not quick off the mark to the book store or to place an Internet order,” writes Phil.

As to the content of the book, Phil notes, “the book is innovative, exciting even, in the way the reader can interact with what is in effect a real-life method to bird identification, reality birding, unlike the traditional pointed arrow, look-and-learn approach.”

Has Richard perfected the art of armchair birding? Perhaps, if what Phil writes is true: “I have to say that each bird scene page contains a wealth of detailed visual information that made me look at not only the overall montage of birds, but also each of the subtly different individuals, and to even then search again through the page for more birds to look at. Just like a birding trip in fact.”

This is exactly what Richard hoped the response would be. He deliberately did not label every bird on the page in hopes that readers would be drawn into the scenes, looking for each individual bird.

We expect finished books in the next 1-2 weeks, so soon you will all be able to get your hands on a copy of this innovative and revolutionary identification guide.



  1. This is an awesome book. I like to use them as reference for artwork. I can make sure I have the details right. I recommend this book