Roland Kays, guest-blogging at the NY Times’s Scientist at Work column

Writing about “Albany’s urban weasels” A.K.A. the fisher, Roland Kays describes how he is conducting research to figure out, among other things, how in recent years the “Northeastern fisher ha[s] gone from wilderness animal to suburban predator, while its cousins in California struggle to maintain their populations even in wild forests.”

Why are fishers thriving in urban areas? How do scientists study these fascinating and ill-understood animals? Click through to learn more.

Roland will post a new article every few days for the next couple of weeks, so check back frequently for more fascinating stories of his research. And if you want to learn more about mammals and how to ID them in your backyard and afield, check out Roland’s book Mammals of North America here.


  1. Tell you what with those horns i hope i dont see any of them in my backyard lol. Great article though it is interesting how they’ve adjusted to urban life.