This Week’s Book Giveaway

This week, in honor of Robert Burns’s birthday (Jan. 25th, 1759), we are giving away the book, The Bard: Robert Burns, A Biography by Robert Crawford. The Bard

No writer is more charismatic than Robert Burns. Wonderfully readable, The Bard catches Burns’s energy, brilliance, and radicalism as never before. To his international admirers he was a genius, a hero, a warm-hearted friend; yet to the mother of one of his lovers he was a wastrel, to a fellow poet he was “sprung . . . from raking of dung,” and to his political enemies a “traitor.” Drawing on a surprising number of untapped sources–from rediscovered poetry by Burns to manuscript journals, correspondence, and oratory by his contemporaries–this new biography presents the remarkable life, loves, and struggles of the great poet.

“Crawford’s Burns, merrily mixing high and low culture, seems eerily contemporary. He shares with great hip-hop artists a genius for catchy, sexy, and memorable rhymes gloriously liberated from the hegemony of standard English.”–New Yorker

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The Bard: Robert Burns, A Biography by Robert Crawford


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    Sounds very interesting. I wish, I could win the book. Just going to LIKE you on facebook rightaway.

    Thanks for such a wonderful book.

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