Richard Crossley Unplugged: Feeders

In the last video, Richard discussed bird baths and plantings, but here he demonstrates the benefits of proper bird feeders.

Post your bird IDs from this episode in the comments section below. How many different types of birds do you see in this installment?



  1. I have a few birds on my house tree. I never thought about the science of proper bird feeders. This is very intersting. Thanks Richard for the good tips

  2. I see 5 different birds, is it right?

    Some more input about bird feeder:

    I actually in the bird feeder trading business. it’s very important to study how bird can be attract to the feeder when designing a bird feeder. Even bird will have their preference. For example, hummingbird usually can be easily attract by hummingbird feeder in color of pink and yellow, while seed feeder are more in green and blue.

  3. Richard Crossley Unplugged: Feeders

    Love the video showing the bird feeders. It is truly amazing the varieties we can get in our own backyard.