New and Forthcoming Titles in Philosophy

We invite you to be among the first to browse our new 2011 philosophy catalog.  You can find books by Peter Singer, Patricia S. Churchland, Nicholas Humphrey, Martha C. Nussbaum and many more.  The catalog is full of great books by great authors.

Check out page 3 for books in a new series, Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy (series editor Scott Soames). Leading experts write about major areas of active research in contemporary philosophy providing high-level introductions for students and fresh perspectives for researchers.

Also check out the series, The Princeton Monographs in Philosophy (series editor Harry G. Frankfurt) on page 12.  The series offers distinctively short and tightly focused systematic and historical studies on a wide variety of philosophical topics.

The philosophy catalog is full of new books. You’ll definitely find something you want to read.  If you’re attending the annual American Philosophical Association meeting next week in Boston, please stop by booth no. 1026 to say hello and browse the books.  We would like to see you there.

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