Shell Shock Cinema wins 2010 DAAD Book Prize from the GSA

Every year, the German Studies Association (GSA) gives out a book prize funded through the North American office of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The prize alternates between two groups of academic disciplines represented by the GSA. During odd years, the award is offered to books in the fields of history, political science, and other social sciences. During even years, the award applies to books about German language and literature, cultural studies, and the humanities. This year, an even year, the prize was given to Anton Kaes’ book, Shell Shock Cinema: Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War, which was declared the best work about German culture that was published in the past two years.

In Shell Shock Cinema, Kaes discusses the representation of cultural trauma in Germany following World War I in classical German cinema. The book has been declared “landmark in film studies” by Choice magazine and “cinema scholarship at its most mature and also most adventuresome” by author Tom Gunning.

Kaes will receive an award of $1000 for his hard work and excellent scholarship. Well done and congratulations!

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