Princeton Global Science, Issue 5

With the excitement of Halloween this weekend, I am a little delayed in getting this “issue” of Princeton Global Science published, but there are plenty of goodies this time around.

Just this morning, I’ve posted two terrific math problems drawn from A Mathematical Nature Walk and Guesstimation. We had terrific feedback to last issue’s pumpkin guide, so I hope you enjoy John Adam’s ruminations about fall foliage and rain.

Thomas Seeley, author of The Honeybee Democracy, contributes the 5 rules of democracy we can learn from honeybees and Tom Tyler is interviewed about his new book Why People Cooperate.

Physics and Astronomy editor Ingrid Gnerlich provides an overview of the In a Nutshell series and we also have a relevant excerpt about global climate change from the Princeton Guide to Ecology.

Birders will rejoice because we’ve posted another sneak preview of Joseph Forshaw’s new guide to Parrots of the World.

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