Editor Ian Malcolm comments on Mario Vargas Llosa

In 2007 Mario Vargas Llosa dropped by the Press to talk to our assembled sales reps about The Temptation of the Impossible, his new Princeton book on Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. As I introduced him, a pack of cheerleaders mysteriously appeared outside the huge window of the conference room, jumped and shouted for a few seconds, and ran away to bang arbitrarily on the windows of some other building.

This semester, Vargas Llosa is back at Princeton to teach a course on the techniques of the novel, and I hope cheerleaders deliberately seek him out this time. With yesterday’s announcement that he has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, he deserves some cheers, and he certainly would have heard a few from Press offices if he had been around yesterday.

Congratulations from the publishers of The Temptation of the Impossible for achieving the nearly impossible!