PGS Daily Dinosaur – Datousaurus bashenesis

Today’s Daily Dinosaur, brought to you by Gregory S. Paul’s The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs, gives us a look under the skin of Datousaurus bashenesis. Datousaurus means either “chieftain lizard” or “big-head lizard” (from the Malay datou, or “chieftain”; or the Chinese, da tou, “big head”; and Greek sauros/σαυρος “lizard”). Read more about this dinosaur below, or check out the other Daily Dinosaurs here.

This image is taken from The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Gregory S. Paul. It may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.
Datousaurus bashenesis
10 m (34 ft) TL, 4.5 tonnes
FOSSIL REMAINS Partial skull and skeletons.
ANATOMICAL CHARACTERISTICS Neck moderately long. A little shoulder high.
AGE Late Jurassic, Bathonian and/or Callovian.
DISTRIBUTION AND FORMATION Central China; Xiashaximiao.
HABITAT Heavily forested.
HABITS High-level browser.
NOTES Shared its habitat with Shunosaurus and Omeisaurus.