Sneak peak at Parrots of the World by Joseph Forshaw, illustrations by Frank Knight

I am so excited to share this with you all. Our latest field guide is Parrots of the World by Joseph Forshaw, featuring illustrations by Frank Knight. About 3 years ago, we published an oversized volume, beautifully printed and presented, titled Parrots of the World: An Identification Guide. Now with this field guide, those same illustrations are once again available and in a more affordable and easy-to-use book. Here is a glimpse of what a page spread looks like (if you click on it, it should open up a larger version of the image):

The illustrations are simply amazing throughout and you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Joseph Forshaw — the text is impeccable.

I will post another sneak peak later this week. I have two page spreads in mind — African lovebirds and Pionites Parrots. More to come on this.