Find Out What’s Really Eating You: This Week in PUP Events

Eugene Kaplan has traveled the globe and has seen some of the most beautiful natural sights that this world has to offer, from dense and luscious jungles to deep, mysterious oceans.   Along the way, he has also closely explored the fascinating world of parasites – and the stories shares with is in What’s Eating You? People and Parasites are absolutely priceless.

Now, you have the chance to meet the author behind this truly one-of-a-kind book.  Join Eugene tomorrow (Wednesday, August 25, 2010) in New Windsor, New York at Diana’s Restaurant and Catering.  He will be discussing not only his book but sharing his hilarious encounters with creatures such as leeches, flees, tapeworms, and snakes.

This event is part of the Hudson Valley Since Café and is scheduled to begin at 7 PM.  there is a $3.00 admissions fee that includes coffee or tea, and if you arrive at Diana’s before 6 PM, you can take advantage of the restaurant’s Early Bird Specials.

So get ready to eat, drink, and discuss parasites!