Thinking Allowed with Kathleen Graber and Paul Muldoon: This Week in PUP Events

You definitely do not want to miss the latest lecture in the Thinking Allowed Series, a collaboration between PUP and the Princeton Public Library.  This series brings PUP authors from around the world to the Princeton community, and past lecturers have included Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Andrei Codrescu, and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C. K. Williams.

This week, you have the opportunity to meet another Pulitzer Prize winner: tomorrow (Tuesday, August 17), Paul Muldoon will be at the PPL with Kathleen Graber, whose recent book The Eternal City was Muldoon’s choice to relaunch the prestigious Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets.

As the new editor of the series, Muldoon continues PUP’s tradition of celebrating and publishing the best work of today’s emerging and established poets.  Graber will join the ranks of PUP poets and icons Susan Stewart, Robert Pinsky, Ann Lauterbach, Jorie Graham, and Alicia Ostriker.

The event is scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM in the Community Room at the Princeton Public Library.  More information is available here.

Before you attend the event, make sure you check out The Eternal City‘s official Facebook Page, where you can learn about the book and interact with fellow poetry fans.


  1. Bob Brown says:

    I attended this event–a reading and discussion. Quite edifying. I’m delighted to see this unduly neglected series return under Muldoon’s editorship. It’s been on hiatus much too long. I was priviliged to have worked with all the previous poets in the series as Literature Editor at PUP until the 1990s. Look up Jay Wright, the poet who preceded Ms. Graber. He’s perhaps the most respected, and least known, of the lot. May the series flourish again.

  2. I did look up Jay Wright. i think he offers a wonderful perspective and is from New Mexico.