The Bard Music Festival concert series starts tonight featuring composer Alban Berg (1885–1935). Each year the Bard Music Festival undertakes the exploration of a single composer’s life, work, and times. The concerts, lectures, and panel discussions of the festival are complemented by a book of related articles, essays, and letters edited by a prominent music scholar.  Princeton University Press is pleased to announce:

Alban Berg and His World
Edited by Christopher Hailey

Alban Berg and His World is a collection of essays and source material that repositions Berg as the pivotal figure of Viennese musical modernism. His allegiance to the austere rigor of Arnold Schoenberg’s musical revolution was balanced by a lifelong devotion to the warm sensuousness of Viennese musical tradition and a love of lyric utterance, the emotional intensity of opera, and the expressive nuance of late-Romantic tonal practice.

Read chapter one online: http://press.princeton.edu/chapters/s9319.pdf

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  1. @Leslie: Thanks for sharing this… I wonder how can someone “write” about a musicians life; I think it is better narrated by music.

    And he resembles young Hugh Grant at the first look, does he not!?

  2. I appreciate you sharing this. I started getting into ALBAN BERG work recently and i’m very statisfied. I’m hoping to get more of his work this year