Your New Reading List: Steven Rendall’s Picks

Having translated many PUP titles including (but certainly not limited to) The Tyranny of Guilt, Prophets of the Past, and the upcoming Perpetual Euphoria, Steven Rendall is a trusted member of the PUP family.  That’s why we’re fully confident that you’ll enjoy his reading recommendations:

1. Adam Gopnik, Angels and Ages

Steven says, “A study of Darwin and Lincoln as two crucial pivots, intellectual and practical, in the emergence of modernity.  Like everything Gopnik writes, this book is beautifully written and full of wise insights.

2. Thomas Babington Macaulay, History of England.

Steven says, “A masterpiece of English historiography that remains a page-turner and delights by its inimitable prose style.”

3. Jane Smiley, Private Life.

Steven says, “A moving novel about marriage to a smart man with delusions of grandeur, and his gradual descent into madness.”

Great suggestions, Steven! Let us  know if you agree by commenting below, becoming a PUP Facebook Fan, or Tweeting us @PrincetonUPress!