“And now, my beauties, something with poison in it.” Cleopatra takes her cue from Mithradates?

Poppies will get them for sure.  At least one famous femme fatale (read: not Dorothy Gale from Kansas) probably succumbed to a lethal dose of opium and not the oft-mythologized serpent of legend.   According to Adrienne Mayor, author of National Book Award Nominee THE POISON KING, Cleopatra ingested poison before drawing her last breath.  New discussion over the Egyptian queen’s demise has stirred up some startling links to other great mixologists in history.  Whether there really was an asp involve remains to be seen but Cleopatra almost certainly took a page out of the Mithradates guide to toxins and most likely downed a potent potable on her way to eternal sleep.

Check out this Discovery News piece where PUP’s very own Mayor weighs in on the cocktail v. snake debate!  So what do you think happened?