Martha Nussbaum’s Defense of the Humanities Discussed in New York Times and Globe and Mail

Are the humanities an important component of education? Stanley Fish believes so… Martha Nussbaum’s NOT FOR PROFIT was discussed in his recent post on the New York Times Opinionator blog. In Canada’s Globe and Mail, John Allemang interviewed Professor Nussbaum about vital importance of humanities. On the other side of the fence, Edward T. Oakes discusses the new book, and Gary Saul Morson’s recent review in The New Criterion, on the First Things blog.

Be a part of the conversation, and pick up your copy of NOT FOR PROFIT.


  1. Dr Gulten Wagner says:

    This is a very DISAPPOINTING publication. It is an article which is padded to make it into a book. It is not well researched – it suffers from amnesia when it comes to global curriculum success studies that have placed a great value on the teaching of humanities, such as the International Baccalaureate. A great missed opportunity for a title that promises so much.