Andrei Markovits and Lars Rensmann on The Next Level in soccer at Huffington Post

Here we are at a critical juncture for the future of soccer in America and the game’s broader cultural significance beyond its currently well-established place of being an appreciated recreational activity for millions of youngsters. Much will depend on the American players’ ability to advance deep in the world’s most watched sports event (2 billion people watched the final game in 2006). Success at the World Cup will capture the imagination of soccer fans and thus enhance the American game’s legitimacy both here and abroad.

Attaining this will have a number of beneficial implications each of which would be important by itself. But as a package, the long-term results of such a positive outcome might truly become a game changer on many an important level of quotidian lives.

What are these beneficial implications? How are quotidian lives going to be changed? Click over to Huffington Post and read the complete article from the authors of Gaming the World then tune in on Saturday to cheer as the U.S. national team takes the field against England!


  1. They make a good point, if the American team makes it far in the World Cup, American’s will certainly join the bandwagon and the sport will gain popularity.