Could technology improve “The Beautiful Game”? Read Andrei Markovits and Lars Rensmann at The Goal

Could technology prevent refereeing errors like this in soccer?

The authors of Gaming the World think so. Read The Beautiful Game’s Serious Blemish over at the New York Times’s soccer blog, The Goal, for a thoughtful argument for introducing more technology and adding a second referee. Markovits and Rensmann have three main points:

There is the need for video evidence. This would literally furnish the game changer in those few key situations that decide a match, such as an unjustifiably denied goal, an erroneous red card or an egregious offside call….

Second, we need to make use of the already perfectly functioning electronic chip in the ball. This chip would decisively settle whether a ball crossed the field’s side or its all-important goal lines. Just think how this technology has successfully reduced line-related controversies in tennis’s major tournaments.

Third, serious consideration should be given to the introduction of a second referee with each accorded responsibility for one half of the huge playing field. After all, the N.B.A. employs three referees on a playing surface one-ninth the size of a soccer field.

What do you think? Would technology improve the game? Are refereeing errors widespread enough to require such intervention? Has technology negatively impacted other sports like baseball or American football? Join in the conversation at The Goal.