Martha Nussbaum’s New Book NOT FOR PROFIT Stirring Up Conversation Online

Martha Nussbaum’s new book NOT FOR PROFIT is a short and powerful polemic about the crucial importance the humanities in our education system. As liberal arts programs are continually being cut in favor of more “economically” important math and science programs, Nussbaum points out that we lose touch with the real value of being an educated citizen of the world.

Troy Jollimore, a professor at a large state university, writes an enlightening “in-the-trenches” review of the book on Truthdig.

Thomas Farrell writes the second article about the book today on Op Ed News. In his first article, earlier in April, he discussed the book’s title…

And finally, at the Commonweal blog, a portion of Nussbaum’s recent piece in the TLS is reprinted.

Professor Nussbaum will be on C-Span’s Book TV show “In Depth” in June. Stay tuned for the continuing conversation!


  1. Christopher Benson says:


    Don’t miss Gary Saul Morson’s review of NOT FOR PROFIT in the June 2010 issue of The New Criterion, “Empathy With Us.”

  2. Kathryn Rosko says:

    Thanks Christopher for posting the review. This book is definitely stirring up conversation.

  3. Is Prof. Nussbaum coming to the Bay Area this summer as part of a book tour…?