Mark Kleiman in Seattle to Talk About Less Crime and Punishment As City Searches for New Police Chief

Mark A. R. Kleiman, author of WHEN BRUTE FORCE FAILS: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment is in Seattle for a power tour of the city’s criminal justice system, and to weigh in on the most important qualifications for King County’s new police chief. As the Seattle Times reported yesterday, Kleiman advises: “Ask every candidate his goals as police chief. If reducing crime is not number one, go to the next candidate.” Kleiman was invited to Seattle at the request of City Council Member Tim Burgess to speak at a Town Hall Event on Thursday, April 22, on his provocative views on reducing crime and punishment. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Kleiman told the crowd at Town Hall last night: “If the criminal justice system were a parent, we’d regard it as both neglectful and abusive.”