Posting this on behalf of our friends at Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle often hosts our authors for events, so please consider helping them out by voting in this poll. More info after the jump.

Town Hall Seattle is one of 25 worthy sites in Western Washington designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (and funder American Express) to compete for a $125,000 Partners in Preservation grant.

To receive our full request, Town Hall must earn the greatest number of votes in a poll conducted by Partners in Preservation. That’s where you come in.

Every day, between April 15 and May 12, please go to to cast your vote for Town Hall Seattle. That’s right: you can vote for Town Hall once a day, every day, for 27 days. On your first visit, you’ll be asked to register with a valid e-mail address. After that, all you’ll need to do is log in and vote.

We’d be happy to send you a daily e-mail reminding you to vote-just sign up here:

Town Hall dearly needs the $125,000 grant to restore our historic building’s cracked, white terra cotta tile. (Water infiltration is causing damage underneath.) We’d also repair Town Hall’s beautiful and massive, but crumbling, stained glass window. It casts a rosy glow on the over 300 performances, lectures, rehearsals, and community events held under our soaring dome each year—events ranging from Al Gore and Madeleine Albright to Isabel Allende and Garrison Keillor, from Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond to Says You and The Magnetic Fields, from children’s choirs and community activists to the King/Snohomish County Spelling Bee. With your help, Town Hall will delight and enlighten audiences, and deepen our bonds of community, for decades to come.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to vote now, and daily, for the next 27 days. Together, we can Help Save Town Hall’s Windows and Walls!

Register and vote at:

Two final and important steps:

1. Please forward this message to as many friends as possible.

2. If you have Facebook or Twitter accounts, please use them to encourage others to Vote for Town Hall. Use this as your status: Help Save Town Hall’s Windows and Walls: Vote Every Day through 5/12. visit: