Who is Christopher Eisgruber’s pick for Supreme Court Justice?

Over at Slate, Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick invite experts to weigh-in who should be the next Supreme Court Justice. Christopher Eisgruber, provost of Princeton University and author of The Next Justice: Repairing the Supreme Court Appointments Process offers this suggestion:

Stuart Rabner
Many of us (myself included) would like to see President Obama nominate somebody with experience in elected office, like Jennifer Granholm or Janet Napolitano. Maybe it will happen, but it seems unlikely—the nominee would be attacked as “too political.” So how about a state court justice instead of a federal appellate judge? New Jersey Supreme Court justice Stuart Rabner is smart, young, and widely respected. He is a career prosecutor with a reputation for great integrity and for being nonpartisan: Democrat Jon Corzine appointed him, but Republican Chris Christie is also a fan. Plus, Rabner would add geographic diversity: He’s a North Jersey guy, whereas Alito and Scalia are South Jersey. (More seriously, geographic diversity, if it still matters to anyone, obviously cuts against my suggestion—but at least Stuart is not a Washington lawyer, a group that I think is already over-represented on the court.)
Christopher L. Eisgruber, Princeton University provost

Tune in tomorrow on C-Span (7:00 AM hour) and CNN (9:00 – 9:30 AM) to hear Chris’s thoughts on the legacy of Justice John Paul Stevens and what we should expect next in the nominations.


  1. One contributor mentions Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t that be an interesting choice. And the release of Eisgruber’s book seems to be pretty perfect timing given John Paul Stevens announcement today.