C.S. Manegold on “Radio Boston” uncovering the forgotten past

In case you were busy shoveling the latest coating of white stuff this past Friday and missed it, PUP author Catherine Manegold made her WBUR “Radio Boston” debut to field call-in questions about the buried history of slavery in the north.  Check out the WBUR website to hear the fascinating podcast and view the slideshow of sites featured in the book, TEN HILLS FARM.

Black History Month has come and gone.  Hard to believe since we’ve spent almost as many days out of the office as in it this February (not that we’re complaining too loudly!) so in March, let’s continue to be mindful of the forgotten past.  Though the media may have moved onto more present concerns like the never ending healthcare debate and the latest in a string of blindsiding natural disasters, Catherine Manegold’s book brings tidings of great dismay to many who live under the deluded belief that the north was guilt-free when it came to owning slaves.