David Richeson wins prestigious Euler Book Prize from the Mathematical Association of America

Few prizes in the math world are as prestigious as the Euler Book Prize from the Mathematical Association of America, and we are proud to share this honor with David Richeson, author of Euler’s Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology.

The Euler Book Prize recognizes “an outstanding book about mathematics,” that is judged to possess exceptional “clarity of exposition and … a positive impact on the public’s view of mathematics in the United States and Canada.”

In a press release, Dickinson College writes, “In language usually reserved for great literary works, the judging committee called Euler’s Gem ‘elegant, concise and surprising,’ stating that previous attempts to explain the beauty of Euler’s simple formula and to explore its depth ‘pale by comparison to Richeson’s extraordinary narrative,’ which features descriptions that are ‘amazingly friendly’ and with prose that is ‘a joy to read.'”

We couldn’t agree more and it seems our readers feel the same–we are now in our second printing of this outstanding book!

Join us in celebrating yet another feather in the cap for both Richeson and our mathematics publishing program.


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  2. Jesse James says:

    It is awesome to see all a book about math being vieew in such a positive way.

    My family is very big on math.

  3. They make a book about mathematical ideas sound quite interesting, I may just have to grab a copy of this one.