The New Republic launches The Book

“Like every other magazine and newspaper, we have spent the past decade developing a website to complement and enrich the content that appears in the print magazine. Most of that web content has focused on politics and breaking news. The time has come to break out of that necessary but constraining box. To that end, we are launching The Book: An Online Review at The New Republic,” writes Isaac Chotiner of The New Republic’s new venture.

The site where Chotiner promises readers will find “criticism, not blogging; pieces, not posts,” will feature 4-5 new book reviews a week and also mine The New Republic’s impressive print reviews for classic articles. The coverage will be rounded out, as any web site must do, with video and audio clips of authors and editors discussing their craft and nifty columns like “Lost & Found” which will highlight the “forgotten or neglected books.”

It appears The New Republic aims to create a viable online book review–one stop shopping for new reviews, old reviews, and should-have-but-never-were reviews. It should be at the top of any bibliophile’s daily internet routine.


  1. that sounds like it will be a great book review site. I hope they do a great job.

  2. good post.
    I hope they do a great job