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Publishers Weekly reviews Capitalism and the Jews

The official publication date is February 17th, but we just saw a nice review for Capitalism and the Jews by Jerry Z. Muller in Publishers Weekly that noted, “In four fascinating essays, Muller (The Mind and the Market) sensitively examines how centuries of nomadism and diaspora have shaped Jewish financial life. …Muller backs up his bold assertion—that capitalism has been the most important force in shaping the fate of the Jews in the modern world—with elegance and care.”

I may have just drooled… check out the new iBooks app for the iPad

“It looks like a bookshelf — and there’s a button to a store. It’s an iBook Store to allow you to discover, purchase, and download e-books right on your iPad.”

The Hayek-Keynes Rap Battle! Russ Roberts-produced rap hot on YouTube

Our author and popular blogger Russ Roberts (author of THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING: A Parable of Possibility and Prosperity) co-produced this very neat “rap battle” between the Austrian econ heavyweight F.A. von Hayek and the current fave John Maynard Keynes.  As a publisher of some of the best minds in economics, we of course have an interest in this street brawl.  Take a look–not only is it a hot rhyme but you might learn something, too.

Princeton University Feature on John Tyler Bonner

Eleven-time PUP author John Tyler Bonner (THE SOCIAL AMOEBAE)  is
the subject of a Princeton University homepage feature entitled, “The
Sultan of Slime.”

Click here to read the story and watch a stunning video of slime molds in action.

Ben Wildavsky on the global “race to create world-class research universities”

On the one hand, America’s research universities are universally acknowledged as the world’s leaders in science and engineering, unsurpassed since World War II in the sheer volume and excellence of the scholarship and innovation they generate. On the other, there are signs that the rest of the world is gaining on us fast—building new universities, improving existing ones, competing hard for the best students, and recruiting U.S.-trained PhDs to return home to work in university and industry labs. Should we be worried?

A fascinating jumping-off point for this piece from Ben Wildavsky, author of the forthcoming book The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World. Click over to the New York Academy of Sciences site to read the entire article.

The New Republic launches The Book

“Like every other magazine and newspaper, we have spent the past decade developing a website to complement and enrich the content that appears in the print magazine. Most of that web content has focused on politics and breaking news. The time has come to break out of that necessary but constraining box. To that end, we are launching The Book: An Online Review at The New Republic,” writes Isaac Chotiner of The New Republic’s new venture.

The site where Chotiner promises readers will find “criticism, not blogging; pieces, not posts,” will feature 4-5 new book reviews a week and also mine The New Republic’s impressive print reviews for classic articles. The coverage will be rounded out, as any web site must do, with video and audio clips of authors and editors discussing their craft and nifty columns like “Lost & Found” which will highlight the “forgotten or neglected books.”

It appears The New Republic aims to create a viable online book review–one stop shopping for new reviews, old reviews, and should-have-but-never-were reviews. It should be at the top of any bibliophile’s daily internet routine.

Audrey Kurth Cronin on how to end terrorism in 2010

Scott Shane interviewed experts including Audrey Kurth Cronin, author of How Terrorism Ends, for an article titled “A Year of Terror Plots, Through a Second Prism” in today’s New York Times:

Audrey Kurth Cronin of the National War College said Qaeda affiliates borrow the name to enhance their appeal but are usually more interested in local goals than in the global jihad proclaimed by Mr. bin Laden.

“The proper response is to stop calling all these plots ‘Al Qaeda,’ ” Ms. Cronin said. “We’re inadvertently building up the brand.”

A new take on Delete by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger

Book reviews, author interviews, op-eds–we are used to receiving notices of all these traditional forms of publicity. However, I recently ran across our first “photo-illustrated serio-comic riff.” Brian Quass has published his take on Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age titled “We Regret to Inform You….Employment Rejection Letters from the Year 2029”.

The New York Public Library gets a digital make-over

“Advance knowledge, inspire lifelong learning and strengthen our communities. Equipped with this new mission statement, NYPL just launched its new website.”

I just received an email announcement of the launch of the New York Public Library’s new Web site. They also have a fantastic new logo and you can watch a stroke by stroke video of its development. Congratulations!

Are You Happy? Listen to Derek Bok on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate show discussing a recent happiness survey

The Leonard Lopate Show had Derek Bok, author of The Politics of Happiness (March 2010), and Stephen Wu on to discuss happiness in New York and elsewhere. The impetus behind the interview is this article in Science on research by Wu and Andrew Oswald. Their findings listed New York and many other states in the region, at the bottom of a state ranking of happiness while states like Louisiana and Florida dominated the top spots. Why is this? Listen in to hear Lopate, Bok, and Wu discuss the possible reasons New York fared so poorly in the survey and how things might be improved.