Scroogenomics on Reuters UK and at the LSE and RSA

“From about age 10 on — when we first develop well-defined preferences — we endure receiving gifts that we do not like,” Waldfogel writes in “Scroogenomics“. “To make matters worse, we are obliged to pretend to be grateful.”

Click through to view an interview Joel taped on December 3rd with Reuters UK. This was just in advance of his event with the London School of Economics (which conveniently and coincidentally enough is also available online here.)

And if that simply isn’t enough Scroogenomics for you, Joel also appeared on RSA Thursdays which you can view below.


  1. Graham Bond says:


    I’m sure we have all had to endure this concept at some christmas in the past.

    Suprised we have not seen more of this earlier in the year due to the recession.

    Graham Bond