Best-selling philosophy books from Princeton University Press

Four PUP titles appear on Library Journal’s best-selling books in philosophy list released yesterday.

Coming in at Number 2 we have the paperback edition of Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-Up Idealists by Susan Neiman. Number 12 How Do You Know? The Economics of Ordinary Knowledge by Russell Hardin squeaks by Number 13 Social Conventions: From Language to Law by Andrei Marmor.  And rounding out our contenders is Descartes’s Changing Mind by Peter K. Machamer and J. E. McGuire at Number 17.


  1. Do you have plans on releasing electronic versions of this books?

  2. Jessica Pellien says:

    Hi Emilio,

    I did a little research on this and it seems we have plans for three of these books to be available as e-books in late January. How Do You Know?, Social Conventions, and Descartes’s Changing Mind should be available as Kindle and Sony editions and out through our retail and library channels.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Great! This will be a great gift for my son. I’ll be buying him a Kindle for Christmas!

  4. Thanks Jessica, I will look for them in January.

    Happy holidays!

  5. Hey Emilio, thanks for the list, the Moral Clarity book seems very interesting and I want to get it but I’m going to be away from the the countries listed in the secure payment page. Are there any other sites which lets me buy that book?

    happy new year to you!

  6. Very nice, will grab one or two of these and educate myself a little more 🙂

  7. Ah who reads paper books anymore, I think in the future these things will only be designed to display in electronic format only.

  8. Wow, great recommendations! I should better check these books at our local bookstore. I’m so intrigue by the book Moral Clarity, it sounds pretty interesting.

  9. Great books, with a wealth of knowledge. I suggest finding/reading at least 2 of these. These are great for relaxing quite time.

    I’ve personally read 3 of them, and my wife has finished 2 herself.

  10. OK, the list of 3 books you provided wetted my appetite and I went over to the Best Selling List (which lists the top 20 books and were there some fascinating topics in there…..Here are my favorites

    Cruelty: Human Evil and the Human Brain (definitely Interesting)

    Staring: How We Look (how good does this one sound?)

    Morality Without God? (love this one)

    Beauty (got to find out more on this)

    On Kindness (???)

    Living Up to Death (fantastic title)

    What a list huh? Should keep anyone busy for days or weeks.

  11. universites says:

    This is great. Are these books available to download as an ebook yet? If so could you please relpy with the details?

    Thank you 🙂

  12. Just finished reading Moral Clarity, enjoyed each page. Very inspiring and makes you Think.

    And for those who are seeking for ebook version, I would really recommend hardcover instead. Reading those books through some digital device is.. I don’t know, feels like something is missing