Joseph Frank’s Magisterial DOSTOEVSKY: A WRITER IN HIS TIME Publishes on December 9th

Joseph Frank’s award-winning, five-volume DOSTOEVSKY is widely recognized as the best biography of the writer in any language—and one of the greatest literary biographies of the past half-century. Now Frank’s monumental, 2500-page work has been skillfully abridged and condensed into a single, highly readable (if absolutely enormous!) volume. Carefully preserving the original work’s acclaimed narrative style and combination of biography, intellectual history, and literary criticism, DOSTOEVSKY: A Writer in His Time illuminates the writer’s works—from his first novel Poor Folk to Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov—by setting them in their personal, historical, and above all ideological context.

On the Stanford University site, where Frank is professor emeritus, Cynthia Haven has penned an engaging article on the new book, and the inspirations of Joseph Frank, and includes an interview with the esteemed author. Here is a link to the full story.