10,000 Birds reviews Birds of Eastern/Western North America

Many of the reviews of the Birds of Eastern North America: A Photographic Guide and its Western counterpart have focused on the benefits of photographic guides vs. illustrated guides. So far, the response has been mostly favorable for our guide and in this recent review at 10,000 Birds, Mike Bergin writes, “can these Photographic Guides live up to the standard of a top-notch illustrated field guide? I think they do.”

He even writes, “In fact, I’d probably feel better using this guide’s stunning photo of a Warbling Vireo against a bird in the field than I would any of the illustrations I’ve seen.”

So, as a little bonus, Brian Small has provided the photographs of the Warbling Vireo so you can judge for yourself. Do the photographs live up to Mike’s assessment?


  1. Pictures are very beautiful, I really admire the photographer.

  2. I think they live up to the assessments, they pictures are really beautiful as Vincent says, specially the first.

  3. Pictures are really beautiful. They have won my heart.
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