R.I.P. Librairie de France

Incroyable, n’est pas? C’est dommage…mais je suppose que c’est la vie. September 30 is the day of reckoning for the beloved seventy-four year old bookshop, Librairie de France in Rockefeller Center.  According to this New York Times blurb the rent is too much for the current owner and he will be forced to close.  This saddens me greatly.  I spent many a yuletide visit to New York with widened, childlike eyes, browsing the stacks and imagining myself in Paris instead of packed in, shoulder to shoulder, with the holiday matinee crowds.  The shuttering of the Librairie means that yet another little relic of Old Manhattan will disappear into the history books.

What are your memories of the Librairie de France and other long-gone vestiges of book culture?


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  2. We spoke with the owner, Emanuel Molho, who told us a bit about the bookstore’s history and his plans for the near future, and also a bit with his son, Brian, a representative of the third generation. Go to http://www.enlightenmenyc.com to check the video.

  3. I last visited the store in the summer of 2005. Prior to that I had been several times. The service was always excellent, prices fair and the experience wonderful. Shame to see part of the local culture vanishing.