Portrait-of-the-Day from Mariana Cook’s MATHEMATICIANS

My pick this week from Mariana Cook’s new book MATHEMATICIANS: An Outer View of the Inner World is a photographic portrait of Fields Medal winner Simon Donaldson.  His area of expertise is differential and algebraic geometry and teaches at the the Imperial College London.  Simon’s subtle smile makes it seem like he knows something that I don’t-and can prove it with those perplexing equations in the background!  Enjoy!


  1. Pretty funny… I recognize my hand writing in the back, with the Bergman kernel expansion when one is taking a G-invariant line bundle and then taking quotient. But the picture is definitively good ! Do you have other pictures of that meeting ?

  2. I like this picture, its simple, but uses a strong light source from the window to the left. Simon Donaldson shares some of the features of Stephen Hawking, both very intelligent men.