John Kricher talks Balance on Wisconsin Public Radio

BALANCE OF NATURE author John Kricher was interviewed on Kathleen Dunn last Tuesday, July 28.  He took questions from listeners and explained the myth behind ecological self-mitigation.  Scroll down to the 10:00 am spot here to listen!


  1. Download Real Media Player first if you are not a WPR member. Only members can download, save, and playback; otherwise it is an RM stream.

  2. Jessica Pellien says:

    Thanks, John. That’s good advice.

  3. With Real Media Player now downloaded (a helpful tip to all iPod users – use the Player to convert the entire file to an iPod friendly format), I have listened to the entire interview and found it to be both enjoyable and highly informative. Dr. Kricher is a superb scholar and a biologist of the first order. His perspective on the natural world, as expressed in this interview, is one of great nuance but also one that needs to be considered by all who think about any conservation or ecology related topic. Thanks very much for bringing this interview to everyone’s attention.