Portrait-of-the-Day from Mariana Cook’s MATHEMATICIANS

Another “DeSio Pick” from Mariana Cooks’s new book MATHEMATICIANS: An Outher View of the Inner World Princeton University mathematician JÁNOS KOLLÁR poses here amongst the ivy, probably somewhere on the Princeton campus.  This photograph captures what I envision many mathematicians to be–perfectly happy sitting alone with their thoughts, thinking of new equations (and in Janos’s case, algebraic geometry!)


  1. Response…I agree with the blogger. Although in 50 years this photo takes on greater significance as a document and reflection of the time we live(d) in. The banal not is the period of the future. It’s important to see the potential historical significance of these types of photos just as we look backwards to the photographs of the early 20th century.

  2. Nice pic…. Its not just math guys that are happy sitting like that.. I know what you mean though… I think any creative thinker can sit alone like that and be content.