Mark Kleiman’s New Book Generating Discussion Online

Mark Kleiman‘s new book WHEN BRUTE FORCE FAILS: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment officially publishes in September, but that hasn’t stopped the information contained within the book from generating interest and debate in the news in the past week or so. Kleiman is professor at UCLA and main blogger on the Reality-Based Community site, and in the new book proposes a real solution to the vicious cycle of crime and punishment in our country.

Kleiman recently weighed in on a New York Times article about the newly reported dangers of marijuana use in the Times‘s blog “Room for Debate.” In addition, Ezra Klein mentions the book on his Washington Post blog. Matthew Yglesias discusses the data on crime decline in major U.S. cities, and mentions the book on his Think Progress blog. And finally Patrick Appel, who blogs on The Atlantic Daily Dish site, has mentioned the book twice.