Mariana Cook’s portraits of renowned MATHEMATICIANS, on SEED

Just getting in the spirit over the publication of Mariana Cook’s moving new book MATHEMATICIANS: An Outer View of the Inner World, a remarkable collection of 92 black-and-white photographic portraits of some of the most renowned mathematicians of our time.  Our friends at have posted a multimedia slideshow featuring text to accompany each portrait and 5 audio interviews with select mathematicians.  Great stuff!

I also wanted to post a few of my personal favorites from MATHEMATICIANS (which, by the way, would make a great gift for any budding math enthusiast!)  Today’s selection is a portrait of Shing-Tung Yau, Fields Medal winner and professor of mathematics at Harvard University.


  1. very contrasty b/w’s, nice…

  2. i really like this photo for the angles it represents

  3. Minus the foot shadow, I find the light box created very interesting.

  4. It is a good photograph. I really like the contrast.