Author on tour – Andrei Codrescu

Over the past two weeks Andrei Codrescu has visited Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, New York, Boston, and Princeton to lecture and sign copies of The Posthuman Dada Guide. Many predict the author tour will be phased out in future years, but by all accounts, Andrei’s tour was incredibly successful. One of the interesting things to note about author tours now is that there is a parallel virtual tour taking place via blog posts, twitters, facebook, and online videos. Here… a virtual recounting of his tour culled from the web.

First, the New York Public Library event featuring Henry Alford and Paul Holdengraber with real-time drawings by Flash Rosenberg. (April 13, 2009).

Then on to Seattle’s Town Hall (April 22), City Lights in San Francisco (April 26)and Los Angeles (April 28) to participate in the Public Library’s ALOUD series (video available from

Also in Los Angeles, Andrei experienced Ten Minutes at Zócalo.

Back up to Portland for an event at Powell’s (April 30) for which we find many mentions at twitter and a thank you note in the “notes” section of Andrei’s facebook page.

[Updated 5/12/09] Here is video, courtesy of PDX Justice of Andrei’s event at Powell’s:

Then out to the East coast where The Big Red Apple mentions attending Andrei’s event with St. Mark’s Bookshop (May 4) at the Solas Bar in New York, which was coincidentally the name of the restaurant in Boston where Andrei and some of his audience went to eat fish and chips after his lecture at the Public Library (May 5).

The last stop on the tour found Andrei in Princeton at Labyrinth Books. In an otherwise flawless tour, this was the one stop where the planes and trains did not cooperate and Andrei was late, but as owner Dorothea noted — how better to start a dada event than to piss off the audience! The discussion was fantastic and prompted me to post a new spam hall of shame item this morning. Kim Nagy of Wild River Review was on hand and posts her thoughts here.

Is this the future of the book tour?


  1. Andrei is good artist!