Recipe of the Month – “Great White North” Chilly

The recipe of the month is taken from COOKED BOOKS, a cookbook featuring recipes from the staff of Princeton University Press. Enjoy!

Cyber Goddess “Great White North” Chilly

Revenge of the Once-Domestic Canadian Ann Ambrose

1 pound ground chicken or veggie ground round
1 medium-sized onion, chopped
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can pork and beans
1–2 tablespoons chili powder

Sauté chicken and onion in large frying pan. Add tomatoes, sauce, beans, and chili powder; stir. Simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour; alternatively, throw ingredients into slowcooker and cook on low for the day (or at least 6 hours).

Serves 4.

Note for Canadians: Many apologies for the nonmetric measurements. Substitute 10 kilograms of whale blubber for ground chicken. Add an additional kilogram of chilipowder and serve with a side of rubaboo.

Serves 12, plus 8 sled dogs.


  1. yummyy……..delicious…….. am gonna try it..

  2. Cristina says:

    Really? Do we have to throw in insults? Perhaps we should stick to recipes here. There is no need for this. Besides, this kind of ill informed comment gives a bad name to all Americans, especially its author as it indicates the person who wrote it is not really that up on geography.

  3. Well the recipe looks good to me. I am looking forward to preparing it for my family and enjoying the meal. Thank you for posting the recipe.

  4. Would this work with fresh chili peppers? If so, how much should be added?

  5. Hey, I thought it was rather funny.

    You have to have a little humor in life.

    By the way, great recipe!

  6. Response…Dear Cristina, Sorry, just my Canadian sense of (or lack of) humor kicking in when I submitted the recipe. Canadians are notorious for being able to laugh at themselves–it keeps us warm–just like the chili recipe.

    Dear Spicy Recipes, Yes. By all means use fresh chili peppers. I was going with simplicity, but “real” ingredients are always best–especially locally grown. As far as quantity goes, you will have to experiment to figure out how spicy you want the recipe and it depends on what peppers you use. I would chop up the pepper really fine, maybe start with 1 teaspoon and saute it with the veggie ground round and onion.

    Try using vegetarian brown beans in place of pork and beans. They are usually cheaper, taste better, and are better for you and your family’s health.

    Dear Hen House, Thanks.

  7. Cool Chilli…i mean hot chilli.

    I like hot spicy food but the next day….fire in the hall….. 🙂

    I will definitely try it also. I will keep you posted on the result….

  8. Canadian chili?

    Now I’ve heard everything!

    Seriously, though, I’m sure it’s delicious.


  9. why? have you never tasted Canadian Chilli? Its hot but good enough to tickle your tastebuds and leave you a burning sensation…

    Its a must try man…

  10. I love Chili, it works great with tomato sauce.

  11. Whale blubber? Hmmm, haven’t tried it but hey, I’m up for anything. Here’s one for the spice addicts:

    Asian Spice Rub

    1/4 cup ground ginger
    1/4 cup ground white pepper
    1/4 cup anise seeds
    2 tablespoons red pepper flakes
    2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
    2 tablespoons ground cloves

    Combine all ingredients and store, tightly covered, in
    a dry spot. It will keep for up to 3 months.
    Makes about 1 cup.


  12. Haven’t had the chance to taste your chili recipe yet but am up for anything.

  13. The Canadian joke was funny! The recipe looks delicious btw.

  14. This is a good recipe, i have tried it with fresh chillies instead of powder…depends how hot you want it though

  15. With 2 teas spoons of chili it can be really hot, but I prefer it that way.

  16. Just tried this recipe yesterday, my hubby loved it. I added 2 tea spoons also, he thought it was not hot enough! Thanks from the heart for this lovely recipe.

  17. Sounds good! Especially now that Winter is here! 🙂

  18. Should be better with Turkey 🙂

  19. great “chilli” recepie, im going to try this. thanks

  20. We’re right in the middle of chili season, even down here somewhat south of the great white chilly north (cute). I substituted can of black beans for the pork and beans. Quite tasty, and simple to make.


  21. I make a good chilly if I do say so myself. I have used Itallian sausage in equal parts to whatever meat the recipe calls for. Very good

  22. This sounds delicious!

    I am a big fan of all kinds of chilli and enjoy trying new recipies

  23. Madison Whitten says:


    There is nothing better than a good chili! Thank you for this simple and tasty recipe!

    Madison Whitten

  24. Thanks I will send the link to my wife i like chilli alot and would like her to try and make this real soon
    will come back and let you all know

  25. I believe everyone loves a good Chili Recipe. I will give this one a try. Thank you for the post.

  26. I worked it a restaurant were we made a white chill with a cream base. We used white chile beans, white ground pepper,white onions, white hot and with ground turkey topped with a white mexican cheese. Now that I am just thinking about it,would of also made a good topping for enchiladas. Yum lol

  27. Wow Martin, that sounds like one intense chili, “white chili”, never heard of such a thing but sounds pretty neat.

  28. i tried your recipe…it was a big hit…my guests love it and did their sled dogs.

  29. Hi, The recipe looks very simple and I wish you posted a picture of the recipe to see how it looks before we can try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe anyways.