Was George W. Bush the heir of Woodrow Wilson? Woodrow Wilson School interview with John Ikenberry and Anne-Marie Slaughter

The Woodrow Wilson School taped an interview with Anne-Marie Slaughter and G. John Ikenberry, two of the contributors to The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-first Century. View the interview below, or visit the WWS Web site where they’ve posted a great article about John Ikenberry and his research.

Also, just prior to departing for Washington, DC and a new post with President Obama’s administration, Anne-Marie Slaughter lectured at the Carnegie Council in New York. “Everybody wants to be Wilson’s heir, or at least everyone in the last decade,” she noted at the beginning of her presentation before turning to the subject of the book in which she, along with Ikenberry, Thomas J. Knock and Tony Smith, considers George W. Bush’s foreign policy in relation to Wilsonian ideals. A complete transcript of the evening, including an insightful Q&A session, is available here.