6 quick takeaways on what really happened last night from Andrew Gelman

While most of us were sleeping off an evening of watching election returns, statistician Andrew Gelman was busy crunching numbers and creating a great series of graphs.

Six quick takeaways from his post:

1. The election was pretty close. Obama won by about 5% of the vote, consistent with the latest polls and consistent with his forecast vote based on forecasts based on the economy.

2. As with previous Republican candidates, McCain did better among the rich than the poor.

3. The gap between young and old has increased–a lot.

4. By ethnicity: Barack Obama won 96% of African Americans, 68% of Latinos, 64% of Asians, and 44% of whites. In 2004, Kerry won 89% of African Americans, 55% of Latinos, 56% of Asians, and 41% of whites. So Obama gained the most among ethnic minorities.

5. The red/blue map was not redrawn; it was more of a national partisan swing.

6. The pre-election polls pretty much nailed the national vote.